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Dec 1, 2005
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Just as i was starting to get into this forum my wife has decided in her infinite wisdom to take out a Pre-Pay sky package thingy, to stop me getting nailed for nicking tv of TW. :doh:

Anyway that has buggered up my plans for now, but i am still trying to find a suitable TW Digi Cablebox for when the subscription finishes.

I have just one strange question which is....... If i got an old TW analogue box that hasn't been chipped would i be able to receive the non scrambled channels. I.e Sky one

Just wondering as i have a TW outlet in my bedroom and quite like watching Sky one at night. I did think about just sticking the cable into the back of the TV and tuning it in, but my TV only tunes UHF, not VHF where sky one is. :Mad2:

Could i just use an old 8602 to remodulate the frequency so my tv could pick it up, and most importantly would TW know its connected to their line.

I know you can cut talkback on a digital box but what about one of the old decrepid analogue units? I have looked on the forum but using an unmodded box isn't really something that gets talked about.

Thanks for looking
robby12345 said:
hope this helps m8 regards robby

Thanks for that mate, not really what i was after but never the less it was appreciated. : thanks :

I dont really want to mod an analogue box as i cant really see the point of spending money on a system which has probably got less than 12 month left before its switched off : grim : and it ends up as door stop. I'm biding my time to play with digital when i can get to break something more expensive. :Chainsaw:

I'm just after something i can watch sky one on while i'm in bed, I'm not really fused about everything else, as i have an old Pace On Digital Box i can use to get most of the other channels i watch. (Remember those, the first ones they used with the ON symbol on it that freeze if you as much as fart near it) A mate at work has said i can have his old 8602 for a drink and i'm just wondering if it will work on the unscrambled channels like Sky one and Discovery that TW (Brum) transmit as I can get these on the TV in the living room by just plugging the cable in as that tv tunes in the VHF bands aswell as UHF.

Will TW will be able to tell that its connected????? Stands a good chance since its one of their boxes anyway.

I have no idea if there is any talkback on the older Telewest scientific atlanta analogue boxes as the older threads only seam to talk about the GI/Jerrold boxes which i dont think TW have ever used.

Anyway mate thanks for taking your time out to reply to my thread, most appreciated. :Cheers:
easy option

hi m8 , you could sav eloads of hassle in your circumstances by simply buying a A/V sender unit. shure i've seen them for about 30 quid, argos i think.they work a treat and the one i have allowes my kids to watch cable sitting in the car. infact anyone in 50 yards distance can watch anything i choose to put on. may save your marriage too. lol
I did consider that one

Hi Thanks for the information, I did consider that aswell as the Sky Magic eye thingy, but to be honest i can get the 8602 box for the price of a Pint :drink: which is a bit cheaper than £30, (unless you go to the dodgy clubs in Brum) and also i want something i can watch the Simpsons on while the wife watches her crap on the other side.

I only want to see if the box will work for Sky one and i'm just worried about the talkback aspect, I dont want some muppet from TW knocking on my door.

I'm intending to start playing with a Digital box for the bedroom soon so i dont want to spend any money on modding the Analogue box i just want to plug it in and see what happens.

Oh i'd just like to add that believe it or not i do actually love my wife, infact my marriage is about the only thing i haven't managed to f**k up. :lovestory

To every one who has replied up to this thread, Thanks very much.


Merry Chrismas Everyone!!!!!!!