The latest Kodi, Client Server, IPTV buffering issues


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Aug 2, 2007
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I'm using the latest Kodi and "Client Server" using an old IPTV Mac I use to use on my magbox before i got rid. This IPTV Mac for some unknown reason no longer works in STBEMU but works ok using Stalker Portal Player 3.0 on the PC (don't ask me why).
After I got it to run on Kodi the IPTV server just keeps buffering, I did try 2 addons from the net I think one was called TT Buffering but I still get stuttering , slow mo and the buffer clock every now and then. When I use the Mac in Stalker Player 3.0 on the PC it runs pretty much flawless

Has anyone go any buffering tips for the Client Server using Kodi on a firestick ?,
What gen Firestick is it and do you have much installed on it..
A problem you can have with older Firesticks is low memory as lots of things run in the background.
Do you have another Android device you can try the line on.
no , its fairly new a 4k one. I only have a couple of iptv apps installed that it and it's normally hard wired. Like I said, the Mac server works fine in Stalker player 3.0 on the pc. I'm not sure why stbemu doesnt like it so I thought I'd give it a go in Kodi and client server purely out of boredom.

In the client server/kodi there's no option or anything for buffering so I assume it's done via add-ons in Kodi but I'm not sure which there's that many
than ks for that, I'm bored but not that fookin bored lol

Is there no decent add ons ?
I think there used to be some utility add-ons that could alter the xml file but I can’t remember them as I haven’t altered the Kodi xml file in several years.
But as I remember it was pretty simple to do.
OK thanks for that I'll have a mooch tomorrow
I had a play around last night using this old but working sub I have using the Mac and portal address and I did manage to get IPTV Stalker Player 1.34 to accept it on the firestick. It's a basic but stable app but I couldn't get it to go full screen I think you need the pro version for that. I'm just going to give the older 1.14 version a try see how that copes

Also, Stalker TV , if anyone has the full android for the IPTV Stalker Player 1.34 or Stalker TV version please drop me a pm
Just a follow up, I have downloaded a couple of the IPTV Stalker Player 1.34 .apk so called full Pro versions but non of them would let me go full screen without purchasing it. The older versions are no were as good, I tried them
I know iMPlayer has the option to use mag/stalker portal but I have the paid version of the app so I am not sure if the free version will let you use that option. I think I may have mentioned in another thread🤔