Talkback LED Not Flashing after cutting TB


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Jul 12, 2005
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Sorry , total newbioe question I think.
I'v followed the instruction on cutting TB on my DITV4000. The LED on the panel isnt flashing at tall though, doesnt go on either. Have I just plain and simple not done it right?
Or do I have to connect it up to the cable feed to get the LED Flashing, so the box realised TB is cut?

connect it up on the feed mate then as long as it does'nt stay on continious youre ok mate ;)
Thought I might have to!!
S'all good, the LED Is flashing away like a xxx Video store sign.
Viewing? Not yet, got a locked a82 card, gota try and get the damn BK umber now! heheh, bet the numbrs written on the card dont mean sh!t either...
Hopefully I can read it or its a jtag job n all that malarky....
Annoying question again, totally related!
I have a 2000 box too (got real cheap, but still not worth it withough the BK!)
I cut TB on that but the LED Doesnt come on at all for it. Does this mean it';s ok and there's no TB then? As long as its not on all the time right?
best way to check it, is press interactive, if it works, tb hasnt been cut, if a error comes up, its been cut