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Dec 9, 2004
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Talkback Issue

Need a bit of help for talkback cutting on dt1000 box.
The picture in section is not clear.
Please could somebody post a clear picture.
Have a look in the talkback guide at the top of the General Cable room when the forum upgrade is complete.
Cheers m8, but when will the forum update be completed?
I will check it anyway.

on the 1000 take the tuner out, take off the cover and cut the track at the
mark in the attached picture.
I don't mean to jump in but Just in case your not sure where the tuner is, with the front of you box facing you the tuner is on the far left hand side, there are two metalic box's of similer size with a third larger metalic box attched by connectors, remove this by pulling it out of the connectors and remove the cover under there you will find the area that Knosher has indicated on the thumbnail. Hope this helps, i had the same problem looking all over the board until it was pointed out to me that the track was inside the tuner.