Super n00b questions


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Mar 7, 2007
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Hello chaps.

as some of you know i already have a dish etc. last 2 years been set to 1w purely for football as there was a few channels that had football. anyway going motorised this week, bought kit, will set up over the next week.

anyway, i have a couple questions, firstly is there many 'free' channels or channels u dont have to unblock which show football these days? is there many packages unblocked?

or in the other case, is there many channels easily unblockable with patches ?
ot really mate sometime you get a few on fta but mostly you need to be on c/s or have the genuine cards as most gne to n3
but am i right in saying alot of these channels can be unblocked ? :Clap:
No mate there aren't that many channels (other then bulsat package I think) that can be "unblocked" using good ol fashioned patches.

CS is the most reliable at the moment otherwise for ease of us (I am really choking in disbelief that I am recommending this) get a spiderbox