Statutory Rights



hope this is the right room for this.
the attached is a brief explanation of your rights as a RETAIL consumer.
It runs through your rights when things go wrong with goods or services you may have bought.
it also has sections on distance selling by traders such as may be found on Ebay and such and tells you what to expect as a minimum level of service.
Separate sections cover the rights relating to the purchase of personal computres and Mobile Phones.
All the info is gleaned from trading standards web site and is freely available - i have simply lifted the bits that may be most relevant to our members.

hope it saves some grief and gives some of you much needed ammo :)

BEWARE - if you buy as a TRADE customer you are BOUND by the traders terms and conditions of trade and are not covered by the sale of goods act. The traders T&C overides it.


HI guys, just signed up! If anyone wants any advice or help, I'm an ex-TSO and a member of the body daing mentions!

I'll not help anyone break the law, but if anyone has a consumer problem, post on the forum and I'll try give you the benefit of my wisdom!