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Feb 9, 2006
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Hi Guys,

It's been a very long time since I long that I had to donate in order to access certain areas...not complaining cos this is probably one of the best forums on the web! Anyways got a problem with me dbox. I've up until now been using the very old Sportster Image (Cyadine's image with the Cobra on load up screen)...I know...very old but it's worked a treat for me. I had no reason to upgrade to newer ones even though the fantastic moders keep on creating better and more stable images (cheers!!).

Over the last week my services and bouqets were disappearing, so I would simply ftp over my old ones. However, this happened for a few days so got me thinking but couldn't find any threads on here about anyone else noticing the same thing. Yesterday, box will not find any channels whilst doing scan and will not accept the old files I just won't load them!

I've downloaded Sportser 1.08 (nice) - question - In order to connect to the box do I need to enable DHCP? I couldn't connect to it even though I entered the IP. By the way what is DHCP?


Sounds like your old image as become corrupt if it wont let you ftp to it anymore.
Best thing to do since you've got a new image is to just flash it over using IFA.
Plenty of threads on IFA so you can't really go wrong.
you could try and change the update mode first..
may seem daft, but check the network settings also as they may be slightly different from your previous image.

Sorry guys, I think you missed my point. I had an old image of sportster which kept losing my settings and channels daily so i've put the Sportster v1.08 on. However, everytime I load the network settings on the DBox, whenever i switch it off and then switch it on to connect to my PC (i have to take the box to another room as the PC is in another room), the network settings are lost. Therefore i cannot FTP.

Anyone else encountered the same problem and if so how did you resolve it.

In the meantime i'll try another image but just wanted to check if anyone else had the same problem.

Switch your box off and back on whilst it's still connected to your tv, Whatever the network settngs default to then change your ethernet ip settings on your pc accordingly so it'll work when you move your box to your pc.
Short term maybe, but at least you'll get it working. Just a suggestion and I'm sure someone here will tell you why your new image is not keeping it's settings once you change them...
Try setting DHCP to off then assign a manual ip address to one above your pc

i.e pc db
Thanks for the input guys but doesn't work. I set the IP on the dbox and saved the settings. I ensured that the DHCP was off. I switched the box on and off to ensure it maintained the settings and upon boot it displayed the settings therefore keeping the settings. However, took it to my PC and tried pinging the box to ensure i could connect to it but the b@st@rd thing just won't connect! aaagggh! I would say i'm pretty competent with the dbox's but this has stumped me! My household are going mad without a TV! HELP please.
I've attached the DBOX2 FAQ chm so you can look through it if you don't understand what I mean but here ya go.

DHCP is a load of bull if you have a router and even if you don't, it will most likely only cause you problems.

Now I have an Airstation router and this assigns IP's in the format of 192.168.11.XX with being the router, being my computer and being my dbox2.

In windows, go into your network connection (your active, normal connection) and set a static IP address (preferably one that won't conflict with anything).

Now go into your dbox2, switch DCHP off and set your dbox2 IP address (similar to some thing I have done- with your routers address as the default gateway.

To make sure this has worked, restart your network (and/or your box) and visit your dbox2's IP using firefox (or scum explorer). If it has worked then you will be presented with yWEB.

If I have got the wrong end of the stick then i'm sorry and hopefully an answer is contained within the dbox2 FAQ attached.

Good Luck

Thanks for your reply but i'm familiar with all that and tried it but no good. My box won't retain the IP settings I apply. Very weird, did not have a problem before but it's just since i've loaded 1.08. I'm gonna try loading another image but will first have to work out how to put the keys on.


hello mate don't know if this is too late for you but I had exactly the same problem as you. It was doing my head in and I wouldn't give up even though I was missing the Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg Liverpool v Chelsea.

Anyway after closer looking at the network settings I noticed one was (note 162).

I changed the above and thought that was obviously the problem but it still wouldn't connect. tried all the searches, like yourself and spent a couple of hours on it. Like you I am quite up on the basics+.

Anyway i decided to look at the network settings again to be 100% certain and believe it not there was another set at

I guess its easy to overlook when you look at these settings quickly. After setting up the network I managed to flash over my services/bouquets.

If this doesn't help you I hope someone else finds this helpful.