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Sony unveils new red PlayStation 2


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Apr 2, 2007
Sony has announced it will launch a new, cinnabar red PlayStation 2 console in Japan next month, along with two blue Portable PlayStation packs.

The firm revealed that the limited edition red PS2 will launch on July 3, complete with a built-in AC adaptor, at a price of 16,000 yen (£78).

Sony will later release a PSP Metallic Blue Value Pack on July 17 for 23,800 yen (£116), complete with a pouch, hand strap, cloth, a 32MB memory stick and an AV cable to connect the PSP to a TV.

A second Blue Metallic PSP pack, which will retail for 29,800 yen (£145), will also launch on July 17, complete with a larger memory stick and a TV tuner.

Sony refused to comment when asked if any of the new machines will be released in the UK.