its snowing here in norn iron
what about you place it snowing yet ?
It's not snowing yet on the east coast but it's frickin freezing
cold here, tell a lie, freezing here in dull Manchester. nice and warm in my pc room though.
cold & clear here on Merseyside, frost on the way I think....
reddevil said:
good job your evil and not brass....lmfao

LOL...... this drink could keep you warm in this weather ;)
A Brass Monkey is a cocktail consisting of equal parts vodka, rum, and orange juice.


you could try HERE ;)
i want some snow,, but as yet it dont look like it. love your avvy pipehouse wicked top.
A bit windy, but friggin frezzing. S.E.London
woke up in a chrismas card in mid/south wales

schools been closed so got screaming kids all day as well lol
w*ankers weather men are: tosser : , I work nights out on a forklift truck @ newcovent garden market, all i was hearing was friday was gonna be like artic weather, -5 they said, i went in with quilted ski bottoms, a jumper, 2 fleeces and my fleece lined gortex coat (cost £190 bastard) and gortex boots (£79 bastard) AND I WAS FEKKING :flame: ROASTING:flame: .....didnt even make it to below freezing :flame:
Its cold..but No snow, atleast its dry(central London)
Well. believe it or not, it's bright sunshine here in S.E.London, although friggin freezing.