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Jul 10, 2005
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Does anyone know if the cable companies will carry the new Sky 3 channel? It launches today, apparently.
Sky 3? I didnt even think Sky 2 existed!
I only get Sky One lol :(
Their is sky One, Sky One Mix (2) and tomorrow when ITV4 goes live sky 3 will be activated. Don't know when NTL will broardcast this out.
liamcrayden said:
Sky 3? I didnt even think Sky 2 existed!
I only get Sky One lol :(

Yep - I was surprised myself so I done a bit of digging.....Sky Mix has been rebadged as Sky 2, and we now have Sky 3 as of today, so I was wondering if there were any service files out there that included it. I'd do a scan myself, but for some reason on my Sagem box a bruteforce scan never gives me all the channels that I have built into the service file that one of the forum members supplied.:mad:
back up your original services file and perform a full scan (not fast) then you can add it to the original services file.

yes my sky mix has now become sky2 but i cant see sky3 anywhere

Tonight have done a full scan and the only change is that it picked up the Sky Two (Old Sky Mix) Channel. But could not find the Sky Three Channel.

Anybody had much luck on this - Nottingham Area OR any other town in UK
Do you get SKY 2 (SKY MIX) on both TW and NTL or is it just NTL. I'm TW in Scotland and I never pick up SKY MIX when doing a scan!

Yes you get this on both NTL and TW as i've been on both providers and got them when doing a full scan
i thought sky 3 was replacing sky travel, not been able to get to my dbox to see if sky travel has been rebadged
I pretty much thought that was the case...but should TW folk get Sky 3 or is this only for NTL too?