Shy+ HD box and projector problem


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Feb 20, 2013
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Algarve, Portugal
A friend is having issues with a $ky+ 2TB HD box and a projector. All was fine until the $ky box did a recent s/w update, after which there were all sorts of connection issues between the $ky box and the projector. Either no image or poor image, missing colours etc. Definitely an issue with the $ky box though, as we tried an FTA receiver & it works perfectly. I tried changing the resolution but doing that either made no difference or knocked out the image altogether. Tried a different projector & $ky box, very similar results.
So I thought I'd try and reproduce the problem at home. Hooked up a spare $ky HD box to an old (but perfect) LG projector and again, terrible image. Tried an FTA box with the same projector & that worked perfectly.
SO has $ky done something to the s/w to perhaps discourage pubs etc. from using domestic subscriptions? Any work-around?