Setting up a EPG or electronic program guide.


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Jan 14, 2013
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Setting up a EPG or electronic program [email protected]

First of all I would recommend you use a dedicated USB stick for this process, I my self use a Sandisk Cruzor Blade 4GB stick for this purpose as it is very small and easily hidden away behind the receiver.

Format your USB stick to FAT32 from your computer.

Place the USB stick in to any of the USB ports on the receiver. ( I use a rear port as it's not in view and therefore hidden away. also as it's behind the receiver the stick is not so easily damaged. ). Then reboot the receiver.

when the receiver has booted up, navigate to the mount manager. Blue button> ViX> mount manager. your USB stick should be shown as Mount: /media/usb if it is not press the green button then highlight the stick and change the mount via the left and right buttons. Then press the green to save.

Exit from this screen using the back button and navigate to menu> setup> system> EPG.

you now have several options to setup your EPG using either CrossEPG or Rytek or both depending on your setup.

To setup CrossEPG as your EPG

press settings
change the EPG location to /media/usb using the left and right buttons. then press green to save.
scroll down to CrossEPG then press ok, Now scroll down to scheduled download and change this option to once a day then select your preferred scheduled download time, best pick a time when you wont be using the box. I use 04:15
you can leave the other options at their default values. press red to go back.

Now scroll to OpenTV providers and press ok. Highlight and select The sky uk options so you see a green tick next to them, then press the yellow button to download the epg. you will be taken to a radio page where the epg will download. This step will take a few minutes to complete.
You can select to use both 28.2 and 28.4 east in the settings but this consumes a lot of memory and is not needed only select the one that correspinds with your Bouquet pack. so for example if your bouquet points to 28.2 east select this option, The same goes for a bouquet that references 28.4 east.

To setup Rytek as your EPG

Select XMLTV-importer then as above set your preferred download time and set the daily automatic import option to enable. you can keep all other options at their defaults.
Now press blue and tick all the sky uk options once done press green to save. You can now press manual to download this EPG again as with CrossEPG This will take a few minutes, but once done you should have a fully working EPG setup.

Alos not that if you use Rytek as your EPG provider you must have a active internet connection to the receiver as it needs to connect to the internet to download the EPG data. If however you use CrossEPG you do not need a active internet connection as it uses the same source as SKY uk for it's EPG ( a radio channel previously known as the hip hip channel ).

thanks also to Abu Baniaz for pointing me to it.

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