Setting Net ID via jtag, BKE and OCD on a 2100.


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Jan 8, 2008
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Herts where my home is.
I just like to say I have managed to set my net id using BKE to create a macro then loading it to OCD which changed it from Pure to Ex CW.

I first pressed macromaker and then entered the relevant net id which created a .mac file, I then connected my jtag to the 2100 and booted OCD then loaded up the .mac file and hey presto the net id was changed.:BLOBBY:

I then changed the Def Frequency,Def Sym Rate, QAM and Remod Channel after that a message appeared to say freq and net id has been changed the box will re-boot and that was all.

Sounds pretty easy but it took me a while to do parralleled with a lot of thread reading and going over the search button a few times.

I just find a really funny as I have recently purchased a funcard proggy from TMC to do this all I was waiting on was my funcard which I have ordered from ebay and awaiting delivery.

When all I needed was here.:Clap:

Finally I would like to say: thanks : to everyone who's thread I read to accomplish this.


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Jul 28, 2005
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many have been there including myself when i got started messing with the sammy. As you say all the information is here just have to look about for it, the search button is a wonderful tool. Thats whats good about the site, i didn't know anythink about doing it when i got started, people made the time to help me out, advice, pointing in the right direction and i try to do the same back if people need it.
Glad you got it all sorted fella.