sammy bytes


Mar 16, 2005
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thanks to mattie i gotthe correct bytes for i am getting error unabto put target into target into background.assist pls?
i tried ocd all ~I could get was cannot find mac?got 2 full bk,s in bkk 22 but got card mute error,I also got results in sdt but I don,t know how to work it properly.Will keep trying,thanks for your help,if you have any more ideas let me know,for instance in fatblerks bytes it doe,snt say wether to enter all bytes at once as i think some of them are c&w?
thanks for the replies lads but i tried those and got bk,s all are card mute error,will keep trying,any other ideas i,m willing to try thanks again.I entered bytes 1 at a time ocd ust keeps saying unable to find mac?
been back at boxes again and still no joy,any chance of help lads and ladies,I,m gonna have to give up college at this