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Mar 28, 2005
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what do real and fake bks start with?
anyone know?
real ones can start with anything really , the known fake one usually starts 6d 56
as far as i know theres only 1 fake bk, and thats sent out by the ccs

anything other than 6d 56, then the bk has been fuckedup on extraction {or its been a hardware fault on the box for the bk not to work}
I have doen a card and changed my net id now but when i put the card into the box i get the f-t-a channels and all rest are black epg is there but no picture.
The bk is as follows FF D3 4E XX XX XX XX 9A
Were the XXs are i have missed the real numbers out.
do you get any messages onscreen wen u put the card in ie this is the wrong smartcard for set top box as strill sounds like the bk is incorrect
You only get the wrong card message if the IRD is wrong - if the BK is wrong you just get a black screen!!