Ricky Hatton In Cocaine Shame

So disapointed. I loath cocaine and the personality of a coke-head so much.

"I was dumbstruck and felt bitterly disappointed. Ricky was my hero and to see him abusing drugs was such a letdown. He was a real role model, I didn't expect that of him."

How drug ruins body and mind
By Dr Hilary Jones, News of the World GP

COCAINE is a powerful nervous system stimulant which produces a rapid feeling of euphoria, excitement and heightened energy levels lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

This is why it is so addictive. In the nose it is transformed into a dilute form of hydrochloric acid which in time erodes the partition between the nostrils as in the cases of celebs Tara Palmer- Tomkinson and Danniella Westbrooke.

Long term use produces wild mood swings ranging from extreme sociability to aggression and intense feelings of paranoia.

Delusions are common and so too is anxiety, panic attacks and compulsive behaviour. Insomnia is almost inevitable. High blood pressure and a fast pulse are common, especially when cocaine is abused with alcohol.

Brain damage follows with loss of nerve cells followed by decline in memory and decision making, leading to personality changes.
i was shocked to read about this ..
i am sorely dissapointed , havin met and spoke with the man on numerous occasions !
he just never got over the 2 heavy defeats of pacman and mayweather !
i feel for his wife and family now , who have been thrown into the middle of this.
its just unbelievable. damn !
whats council estates got to do with taking coke? lol it wasnt too long ago it was the rich coonts drug of choice. Every feckers doing coke these days , hes been caught simple as that, maybe i have lower expectations of people, but does it really matter that much the guys been doing coke not murder, at least he can afford to do it rather than rob someone to pay for it.

dont get me wrong i`m not pro drugs in any sense of the word, hes an adult and i`m sure he`ll pay for it....
Heard a while back he was supposed to have been using drugs and thought it was newspaper talk, but seems to be more truth in the matter than meets the eye now.

What an idiot after all the youngsters who followed him and wanted to follow in his footsteps and to do Cocaine he is finished now be brain damaged before long.
How many of you here drink alcohol on a regular basis?

That does just as much damage as any recreational drug out there. Brain damage,depression, liver and kidney damage. Not to mention all the social problems violence,accidents,drink driving incedents,pressure on the nhs trhough a+e addmissions..etc etc.

As a sporting personality yes he is a muppet for taking cocaine but thats his choice imo.
Hatton has been on a downer since he got beat by his last opponent. He has doubled in weight and looks terrible for it. He will never fight again and he should use his own gym a bit more to loose some weight. Fans still worship him but i dont know why he is a disgrace to the sport.Prince Naseem went the same way he was good while at the top but one good opponent and it was all down hill from there.
I think its sad when people think cocaine is just some benile drug and no harm in taking it as long as you don't get hooked. Just goes to show the sort of exposure these people have had to it from the people around them and all the media coverage of celebs using, it just seems normal to people, and that's pretty sad; the power of the press and glamourising of it through films etc.

Before long, and I've seen such comments on here recently, people, men and women, will think it's normal to run around cheating on each other and using hookers. Women will think it's normal to expect to be cheated on and just put up with it... Really sad stuff.