reasurance on cutting talkback



Hi all new member to-day been reading the posts on cutting talkback back all day. I have three boxs a sammy 2100c, a DI4010_N, and a DI4001N have cut them all, and read all the posts on checking if there are cut or not. i.e. press interactive and you get error message Mo44, and press the help button and you get error message HE200.
Get this on the sammy but on the other 2 boxes i get error message Mo44 on the interactive and the help, i take it that they are both ok
thanks in advance
its simple m8 once ya connect the cable feed up to a box that has a paired card with it and ya want to go interactive,the box will let ya
the red buttton will work so ya should be ok if it tells ya there is a prob
sounds like it to me m8 another thing on ya pace boxes is that if the talkback been cut properly your middle led will either be off or flashing if its on constant then feedback is still on
Thanks Little John
yes middle light not on, now that i know that they are ok i can move on to the next bit. Been reading about jtagging and looping, hope that i will not bore you all with stupid questions.