Problematic Remote Control.


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Oct 3, 2005
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Hi all,

I am on my second box now (a grey sagem 2x) and I am experiencing a little problem with the remote (Grey replacement IRC83065). When I keep the up or down arrow pressed in to scan through the channels the box will register as if I have pressed the "9" key so it will then jump to that channel. I used this remote on my first box (Black sagem 2x) and I don't remember experiencing the problem.

Do you think it is something to do with the IR receiver on the box or could it be the remote isn't configured properly ? I have a Kameleon one for all 4 if anyone knows the code I can give that a try.

BTW I am using Gavs latest image and have noticed the problem on more than one image.


I had that problem on Gavs image but not on UK04.
yep flash a new image and all will be good...had this myself on an old image...
let us know how u get on.
Thanks I will contact gav and see if he has any thoughts.

you can use the + and - on the volume to group jump or take it slow
mgb said:
Set repeat rate to 165 in the misc settings.

Thanks I normmaly set it to 200 anyway and I still get the problem but I wil try it thanks.