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Jul 27, 2001
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Hello all,

my mate bouta copy dvd but it sticks , i though about opening th dvd in dvd shrink to shrink & create new files but dvd shrink wont accept, is the any way to save the dvd?
Hi M8

Most likely dvd shrink could not read the
specific file from the dvd - try file copying the
VOB files ( in the Video_ts folder) to the
hard drive first - it sometimes helps if you have
more than one dvd reader so that if one drive
can't read the files - the other drive can.........
anyway - make a folder on the hard drive - copy
the vob files into the folder - then use dvd shrink
to process the files in the folder .............

hope this helps

Most likely a copy protected disk, your software may not be able to get past this.
its strange it copied it to another dvd-r the used dvd shrink to open from disc & shrink from 100% to 92.2% , i'll let you know if it works
eeeor message is as follows

On the fly IFO/BUP file patching failed !
File name VTS_02_0.BUP
SIZE 83.968 bytes

Reason Invalid IFO/BUP FILE
Its a copy protected disc, you might need to patch the sectors with some software to get around the protection.
Hello All

Yip - i agree - copy protection!
you'll have to use dvd decrypter
or similar software to remove the
protection before dvd shrink can
work it's magic.
but dvd decrypter says its not region protected as its already a copy?
copy dvd

use dvd to one and dvd decryptor works well with me
If its a copy of an original then there is probely not a copy protec. on it ,its mostly a bad copy ,get a new one , other wise use dvdcrypter and check the option over rule read error in I/O options , it somthimes helps .
My suggestion to all of you who have prob. whit reading discs buy a Lite on reader and use Dvd Rebuilder or DVD Fab Paltinum if none of the other pices of software dosen't seems to work out !!!
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