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Pet Insurance

Discussion in 'Animals and Pets' started by Cressi, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Cressi

    Cressi Member

    Whose got it and who are you with. Anyone use John Lewis?
  2. Rat

    Rat VIP Member

    My daughter has it with her Frenchie, Tesco was the best deal at the time for ongoing conditions

    Which is lucky as she had he back leg realigned at about £3500 and now has to have the other leg done in February and is still covered
  3. digi247

    digi247 VIP Member

    I have it on my Frenchie (Male) had his nose and soft palette fixed under this but have since learned that 90% of vets will increase the price of surgery if they know your animal has pet insurance, Not saying all of them do it but a few other owners i know in the Frenchie circle have told me there dog has had the same surgery at a 3rd of the price so it does make me wonder if they inflate the cost due to insurance.

    Personally wont be renewing mine due to cost (monthly) i would rather save the amount and have it on standby instead
  4. Cressi

    Cressi Member

    And theres my dilemma. Put the money away each month or pay the insurance ( 45 per month ). Or insure while he's still young and daft and reassess when he's a bit older.
  5. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

  6. Cressi

    Cressi Member

    I guess it does as my quote is £38 plus cover for a Vizsla.
  7. Oggiman

    Oggiman Member

    I have both our pedigree dogs insured with Animalfriends Pet Insurance.

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