Panasonic DMRES20 (DVD recorder with Freeview)£139.95


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Aug 29, 2001
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Panasonic DMRES20 (DVD recorder with Freeview) £139.95
Panasonic launch their latest DVD recorder with a twist! This is their first recorder that features a built-in Freeview receiver.

As well as having Freeview onboard, there's plenty to recommend the DMRES20. Like its baby brother, this is true multi-format recorder. This means that whether you prefer to use DVD-R, +R, -RW or RAM, the DMRES20 will happily accommodate the lot of them.

Using the latest Panasonic recorder is simplicity itself, and thanks to a 1 second quick start system, the chances of missing the first few moments of your chosen recording are greatly reduced.

As you'd expect from the brand, both picture and sound quality are of the top draw, with progressive scan and component outputs ensuring the best analogue picture possible.

If you've yet to enter the worlds of Freeview or DVD recording then why not save space and clutter and combine the 2? Bright thinking from Panasonic.
gooddeed said:
sounds good bit pricey for me at the mo

For a Panasonic multi-format DVD recorder with Freeview tuner!:Laugh: :Laugh:

That's a great price for a quality product.
i agree is a fantastic price but when i said 2 pricey i ment i had no money!!! lol