Pace DiTV2000 starting



Hi guyz
Can someone please assist before I pull the last 3 strands of my hair out.
I got the above mentioned box with code release version P2.56.15d.CR3 in the Leicester area (Net id 00012-Frequency 643,000) which remains stuck with the purple "starting" box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I have removed the red reset pin and reprogrammed (using libby) several times (including warm reset & 4321) but the same thing happens. I have noticed however that when I access the engineers menu I can hear the audio of the channel, but when I reboot I get the dredded "starting" box . This first problem arose a couple of weeks ago and I managed to get it working by removing the red pin and resetting several times and it cotinued to work perfectly, however on this occasion, although I have done the same things as before (several times) I cannot get it to come out of restarting where it can stay there permanent.
Has anyone any ideas? repair that is.