Olympics 'threat' to local sport


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Oct 3, 2004
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It was only a matter of time they seem to be breking us in slowly i can see the whloe of the UK paying for London in one way or another....

Scotland's deputy first minister has warned that the cost of the London Olympics could harm Scottish sport.
Nicol Stephen said the UK Government's decision to take an extra £675m of National Lottery money posed a direct threat to grassroots sport in Scotland.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader called on the Chancellor Gordon Brown to set up a fund to offset the cuts.

The estimated cost of the 2012 games has increased to £9.3bn pounds - nearly four times the original £2.4bn.

Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell announced the increased costs to MPs last week.

To help cover the increase, the UK Government increased the amount taken from the National Lottery.

Mr Stephen said this would take the money away from funding sport in Scotland.

He said the move broke the promise that sport at local level would not lose out to the games.

Mr Stephen said: "I was as pleased as anyone when we won the Olympic bid but if there were to be cuts in Scottish sport and cuts in funding to Scottish young people, that would be a real breach of faith in the promises made about the Olympics funding."

He added: "Millions of pounds of funding is currently being withdrawn from these good causes to fund the Olympics.

"It shouldn't be a question of shunting funds from local sports investment, from investment in sports for young people, to centralised Olympic investment.

"It should be about greater investment in sport across the board."

Rising costs

Mr Stephen said Mr Brown should use Wednesday's budget to set up a youth opportunities fund to offset the loss in Lottery money.

The government has admitted sport would "take a small hit" from Olympic budget hikes but insisted the games would bring "huge financial gain to the whole country".

Mr Stephen is the second Scottish Executive minister to voice public alarm at the possible impact of rising Olympic costs on Lottery funding.

Labour Sports Minister Patricia Ferguson said last week it was "unfortunate" that extra Lottery funding would be needed for rising costs and called for non-Lottery funding sources to be considered.

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Jan 27, 2006
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I'm glad they're using the lottery money on something that all people regardless of class can benefit from. I was getting a bit frustrated with all the lottry money being spent on the 'arts'.

Personally I hope we sting the lotto for as much as we can


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Jan 13, 2006
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I think that the lottery money should only go to people with winning tickets I am sick of chugging