nokia troubles

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Jun 13, 2005
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hiya i got my sisters nokia 2x box today its been working for years but now sum channels are missing so she wanted me to upgrade i was like yea i done it once before wid a sagem so i got it and i flashed the dons enigma image and the commando image and the sportster pro image and still get no channels

the meter readings are

BER =26000 fixed
SNR = 42000 to 46000 keeps changing
SIG = 45000 fixed
The SNR is too low. It'll need to be over 55,000 before you will get any channels. As soon as the SNR is high enough, the BER will drop to a normal level.

Try putting the the image on that was working before and updating the services file or doing a scan.

Make sure all the cable connections are tight and try removing any splitters from the line.
lol yea mate i have tryed attenators but no differnece
Are you sure the box is connected proper to your cable feed?
Try the box at your sisters house, signal may be stronger.
i have seen this problem before......and it was caused by a bolloxed tuner...
as de deej said...just try it again at your sisters house.still no channels...then your tuner could be on its way out m8.
hope u get it goin fella
thanks alot mate i went ma sisters house and it worked all i needed was a scan and now she got the commando 7.5 and she loves me can t be bad lol