Nokia Launches Fashion 'Supernova' Range


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Mar 5, 2006
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Nokia may be everyone's Good Samaritan at the moment but it hasn't lost focus on its handset biz...

Appealing to 'fashion conscious' men and women (and presumably Telly Tubbies) is the new 'Supernova' range which initially arrives with four handsets, the 7210, 7310, 7510 and 7610 - no, I have no idea either why there isn't a 7410 (those crazy Finns).


Targeting the upper and lower echelons on the market, the 7610 (left) is the cream of the crop with a 3.2MP autofocus camera, FM radio, multimedia playback, A-GPS and a TV Out port (yep, specs are thin on the ground) and will be available with a choice of blue, lilac and grey and red covers. The 7510 (right) steps the camera resolution down to 2MP but does manage a 2.2in QVGA display, FM tuner, multimedia playback and A-GPS. It comes with swappable blue, green and brown covers and features an external display which is invisible until turned on.

Dropping down a notch we come to the blue, green or pink covered 7310 which shares all the main features of the 7510 minus the A-GPS and lastly the pink or blue 7210 (middle) offers audio playback, a 2MP camera and SD memory.

A staggered release schedule will see the 7610 and 7210 arrive sometime in Q3 for €225 and €120 respectively, the 7510 hit in Q4 for €180 and the 7310 launch this month for €155 euros. If your dress sense matches this quartet then you know what to do...

(Yes, suicide is a via option)

By Gordon Kelly