nokia dbox2 remote control needed



hi guys ust wondering if any 1 know where i can get one of the above or if any 1 gettin rid of one

any help appreciatted

Singer i have a spare one in silver (its been opened to just to try it out) but i also got a black one which i like better so if you want it for cost (£5) plus postage PM me.

remote control new 4 in 1

Asda sell a 4 in 1 remote control and it will operate the dbox2 its listed for set-up 9 pounds and it will control 4 like tv dvd video and dbox cool one remote well happy :Clap:
Out of interest,how do you split open the remote,as my up botton not woking ,and may just be a contact,as theres no screws in site to undo?,if all else fails,Stemcell all take yours if you still have it