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john bethel

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Aug 14, 2005
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hi all, ive just bought a raven g70 satellite dish that has no angle of degrees to get the azimith angle for astra 19 and hot bird 13 degrees can anyone tell me what the angle would be if i use a angle meter on the lnb arm to get these satellites, this is very frustrating , i thought all dishes came with degree scales on them to assist installation, thanks for viewing anyone
Some sly dishes dont have them, not all though, i think its a design fault..

If you put the dish straight and move it slightly up.. then lign the dish up moving left to right you find the highest signal tighten up and move the dish up and down till u get the highest on that angle :)
hi all,thanks for the replys, i took down a sky dish that was angled on its scale at25 degrees, so if i place my angle finder on the arm and tilt the dish to this i can start the process of finding astra @ 19 degrees