new tatto design, what do you think?


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Jul 15, 2007
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on my way to brum brum
booked in to have this done sunday, a guy i know has a studio in his shed (shed`s a bt of an understatement to be honest)

anyway, you can tell what it is?

An advantage with a laptop is you can just turn it upside down but I still dont know what it says cheekymonkey...sorry.
i have lots of tats ,if thats the 1 u want mate just get it done , its not easy to understand what its says , hard to read but as long as ur happy doesnt matter what anybody thinks hope u get it sorted cheers biffo
Reminds me of Da Vinci code, illuminati.
It's a script ambigram like out of davinci code as bilabonic has said. It looks the same both ways but reads a different word each way. I have my sons name saved on the computer the same way. Just put into google free ambigram.:Clap: Very clever
Very nice, I've no Idea what it says though.

Would you have to stand on your head to let peeps see the other name?
It's clever the way it is done, even if it is hard to read without knowing. The thing is you know and I guess thats all that counts.
well getting it done tomorrow, yeah i really like which is all that matters really, tomorrow night , first tat..........few beers, job done :)

Whereabouts on your body are you getting it and is that the actual size you posted ???

Relax and enjoy it.
inside of my lower arm, from my wrist up.

If any of this is fashion driven mate, i'd think twice as you might end up regretting it... Almost every footballer has a palm side forearm tat, before that it was small of the back tats, tribal tats, and before them bands or barbed wire around the top of the arm... The one at the minute that does my head in is grungers getting stars... mean absolutly nothing and every other grunge rocker has got them... they will reget them 5-10 years down the line.

Go classic and get it on your tit mate, or on the side of your rib cage... doesn't hurt at all there ;)
If any of this is fashion driven mate, i'd think twice as you might end up regretting it)

honestly mate, if you knew me well, you wouldnt have to post, that, i have the fashion sense of an amish man.

ive always fancied a tatto, i keep telling myself every birthday id have one but never got round to it, promised myself one this time (nearly two month ago) been round to the blokes house a few times in the meantime, he told me to come back in august as he`s off for a month so can do anytime, anyway basically ive had loads of time to think about , but deffo want it, inside of the arm is where ive decided (ages ago) so pretty happy with it, it isnt as big as what i posted, thats just what got mailed to me from ambigram generator, think its pretty cool, no one i know has an ambigram.

but yeah, nothing to do with fads, fashion or footballers (feck i hate footbal)

i`ll post piccys tomorrow.