New Settee Leads To Complete Redecoration


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Nov 14, 2005
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last week i went into town just window shopping.

wifey happens to see a new settee and falls in love

" oh but honey it buy now pay never " she says.. and muggins here signs on the dotted line guaranteed for xmas.


"well darling you cant put a new settee in the old living room without decorating it can you"

long story short new floor, wall paper, new fire place, lights etc etc i finally finish

" yes but now the hallway looks out of place"

" yes dear"

and now im finaly finished

oh god here she comes look busy
wait till its' "well we've decorated now, so we may as well sell it and move"....

choke choke...
No how you feell m8 bin there and dun it and the bitch fooked off with somone else spent 4 years doing the house up we was in neverrrrrr again.

Hope it dosent hapen to anyone else as it allmost killed me lads and im not joking just geting over it now.

:Cheers: and good luck and a merry christmas to u all .
get this
im self employed as an airconditioning installer as you can guess business is slow........

i normally get up at 4am but the next few days i have no work and the decorating is almost finished.......i got up at 830

"are you getting up with me in the morning luv (7am) to do a bit or are you gonna dos again tomorrow?"

apparantly i took it outof context bllx

merry xmas boys happy new year
bless her i think shes just panicking that the decor wont be finished b4 xmas
luv her really
hey guys thxs 4 the idea...I will order new furnitures...and then surely, my guy will decorate the place...
my missus is the one who does the decorating in our house as im kak at it
@ pri
order as much furniture as you like but dont get flat pack as its easy to put away unbuilt lol
or decorate yersen m8 :)