Netboot Questions on SB4100


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Nov 26, 2005
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Hey all

Right I have two questions and wondering if anyone can help me out at all!

First One
Now for some reason I am still unable to download any of the config files to my local machine from N*L TFTP Server via the Hack Page! I can access the config files and make my modem run them (hence 10mb oh yea!) but can not physically download them. I have tried disabling my firewall, antivirus, popup blocker and yet still nothing happens :(

Anyone have any suggestions?

Second One
Now if you get hold of a config file to amend, is it possible to have it running on your machine and then make your modem use the config on your machine instead? As an example if you amended a config to 5mb down and 5mb up and then setup a local TFTP server, could you get your modem to connect to it and use that speed settings?

Sorry if its a dumb question but I am quite new to all this and trying to pick it up as I go!

Thanks for ya time and any help provided!!
dont know why u cant download from it, yes you can host the config file on your ftp server and get the modem to grab it but NTHell will use tftpenforce which means if your modem doesnt ask for the file from the ftp server it then it drops the connection, and you cant edit the files because they are encrypted with a md5 hash meanihng u change anything at all and it needs resigned with the correct key or again u get dropped, tftpenforce can be bypassed but u aint got anything better to give the modem so what's the point.