Michael Owen priceless


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Aug 16, 2003
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stoke on trent
Apart from heading a goal when he was offside I don't think Michael Owen touched the ball until the 85th minute and then he scored the 2 goals that win the game for England.

People can rant and rave about how good Wayne Rooney is, but without Owen England were beat today.

Rooney tackled Beckham and gave the ball away that led to the first Argie goal.

I have to say tho Erickson changed things for the better with his substitutions.

Crouch blocked the defender off when Owen scored his second goal, and Joe Cole put the cross over.

Just a mention for Paul Robinson who pulled off some vital saves.

But I felt that the Argy keeper kept out what looked like certain goals

I have also been disappointed with John terrys performances for England, considering for Chelsea he is a colossus

Any one disagree
now owens playing rgular for newcastle his form is rubbing off on his england
apps. and will always be a threat to any defence.

:( we wan him back
yeah owen is a threat all the time!!!

but rooney was to blame for the argie goal where he tried to nutmeg the player.... but rooney is what england is all about and without rooney playing i dont see us winning anything, i was disapointed that arsenal never had a player on he pitch knowing the ashley cole is injured and he would start any game for england as they had big problems left back yesterday!!!!

but we showed enlgish spirit in abundance coming back from being behind twice yesterday no one would believe it was a friendly could of been the world cup final the way the argies roll about and the ref was booking players !!!!

its great to beat the argies and we showed we can go really far in the world cup fantastic squad needs to gell more....
That kind of game is what English football is all about for me ... even if we had lost it at 2 - 1 ... I was proud to see us play so well and really go for it ... especially against the Argies ;)