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lot of smoke on transit

Discussion in 'Cars and Vans' started by White Van Man, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. White Van Man

    White Van Man New Member

    My van was losing water and took into a garage to have the water pump changed new tensioner and cam belt changed at the same time.Now in the mornings when i start from cold lots of smoke dark smoke out of exhaust and feels like it is running on 3 cylinders for about 30 secs then all clears up. it has never done this before.Anyone got any idea what this could be or is their something going to fail on me.It is the old smiley engine 2.5 lwb
  2. ant1

    ant1 New Member

    sounds like a faulty injector
  3. White Van Man

    White Van Man New Member

    are these hard to change or is it garage job
  4. davidh

    davidh <font color="RED">Administrator</font>

    easy to change but then u would need it programming
  5. Dutcho

    Dutcho VIP POOF

    It's more likley the heater plugs if it clears after 30 secs or so. To test them just the connections from them and touch a live wire to each one in turn at the top where you removed the cable from. If you get a spark then they work, crude method but works ;)
  6. White Van Man

    White Van Man New Member

    i don't think their is any engine management system on these very basic diesel engine 1989 smiley.
  7. White Van Man

    White Van Man New Member

    their is no wires on top of engine to heaters their is no heater warning light so not sure if this has heaters? unless i am missing something here
  8. HORUS

    HORUS Inactive User

    there are no glow plugs on the 2.5 di
    also its a dynamic pump so injectors are dumb
    white smoke would say over leaking injector and or an injector cracking under lower presure
    also blue or black smoke would indicate burning oil
    maybe if its a turbo the oil is settling overnight and being sucked into bores on startup
    other symptoms could include manifiolds partially blocked with coke
    but i guess its a case of try swapping injectors or have them tested
    sometimes also fuel timing advance can cause problems too
    all in all very hard to diagnose without seing and hearing the van run
    but injectors and so on arnt coded so plug and play youl need either a 24mm deep sockett or a 27mm depending what system it has lucas or bosch
  9. White Van Man

    White Van Man New Member

    Thanks m8 for the info will check all these in time but i have noticed their is a brass pipe that is in 2 sections that sit on each other one end connects to the exhaust manifold and the other at the top of the engine where air inflow goes (i haven't got a clue what it is or called)but was blowing alot out of it where the 2 brass pipes join each other.they sort of sit on a flange.well their is a piece missing hole in it.So will get one of these first before i do anything else.
  10. bro

    bro VIP Member

    may be a good idea to take a picture of the brass pipe as it would refresh peeps brains who have delt with the same parts

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