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Jan 22, 2007
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Afternoon everyone,

Is anyone else experiencing the loss of sky movies and sky sports channels?
I had them all last night on my starview box but now they all show up as being scrambled or bad channel however the signal appears to be same strength it was yesterday. My box has updated just on mtv base but still unable to movies n sport.

Going to rescan for the channels in few minutes aswell, see if that gets them back.
a rescan will get them back in some areas but not others. if this doesn`t work you will need to do a factory reset then automatic scan to pick them up. remember after you have done a factory reset you will need to turn emulation back on.

I had the same problem my mate and a rescan cured it :)
ok, thanks guys. Just tried a rescan and the receiver picked up half the channels i lost but didnt find several of the movie channels. I'll try the factory reset and rescan everything. Hopefully i'll get it all back.
me too had to do a factory reset anyone got any idea to the cause i know they havent shifted transponders as my replay is ok that is ok as replays can be
had the same prob had all sports channels but not movies rescanned and got them all back
i think they are fooking around with the channel line up or numbers as loads of virgin tv channels are coming up when rescan just might be as simplwe as that
done a factory reset and rescan and all back working fine.

Thanks guys.
how to ut emulation back on

can anyone help to put emulation back on starview box,forgot how to do it again cheers
there seems to be some problems with richard branson and a sky...they are negotiating to keep sky channels on cable, so a freind of a freind told me..lol