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Oct 9, 2005
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well guys i'm after a 19"monitor for my computer at the wekkend. but i've seen 2 one a LCD and the other a TFT. any1 know what the differences are and which would be best?


Lee, TFT & LCD are basically one in the same, there's a pretty good explanation [DLMURL=""]HERE[/DLMURL] & a bit more of a techy explanation HERE

Hope this helps :BLOBBY:
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ok thanks fot that lone.gunman was just wondering as LCD'S seemed to be more expensive that was all
make sure the response time is good, it makes a big difference.
any links to a good price im also looking one. santa wants to bring it for me
i looked at that spec it dosent seem to have a ms respose time im told the smaller the ms is the better the pic will be.......... ie 12ms means lesser dead pixels
That is a good price for a 19"
scan have some on "today only" starting from £140 for 17" and £180 for 19"

Response time applies generally to LCD monitors, measuring of the number of frames that can be displayed per second, the better the response time the less ghosting or shadowing.
But beware there are a few ways which you can measure response time, I've got a relisys 19" with a reported 25ms but there is no ghosting.

My advice is check out reveiws of the lcd you fancy
altough it says TFT on the web page it says LCD on box and on back of monitor. i haven't a clue about the response times but i cant knock the pic quality and no ghosting on mine