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Oct 27, 2005
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:mad: Hi all does anybody know where to buy new laptop keyboard from, as one off my little angels has pulled the keys off the board and lost them.
My laptop is HP compaq nx 9005 crvsa-02T1-75
Any info would be great also the price thanks :Cheers:
Diamond, they've pulled the keys off, but the keyswitch is still there and working ok? I think you'll have to goto HP for spare keys.
Has your lappy got a ps2 socket on the back??? If it has get your self a cheap keyboard & plug it in..xp will detect it and away you go. You could also use a USB keyboard, if you've got a spare usb port, although USB keyboards tend to be little more expensive. But then again the spare keys may only be a couple of quid, or they might be 20quid!!! But you'll have to find out first...

Have fun