DW Joke King
Oct 3, 2007
Two Kiwi's are working on a building site in Auckland.

Phul (Phil) & Muck (Mick). Anyway Phul turns to Muck
& says,

'Cawww I've gotta take a piss, but there's nowhere
to go, eh.'

'Walk out to the ind of thit plank,' replies Muck.

'I'll stand on this end & balance it.'

'Are you sure, Muck?'

'Yis, no worries'



So out goes Phul to take a piss & the lunch siren sounds,

Muck forgets what he's supposed to be doing & steps
off the plank & Phul is a goner.

Several days later an Australian, a Frenchman & a Kiwi
are sitting in a bar discussing which of their respective
nations chase women the hardest...

Wazza the Aussie says,

'Mate I've been known to miss
a piss up session down the Pub with me mates trying
to crack on to sheilas!'

Pierre, the Frenchman says, 'No, No, No, Ve French
chase ze women with much zest & give them gifts of
love like French champagne to win their affection,
it is us vor sure.'

Meanwhile Bob (the Kiwi) sits laughing & says,

'No,You blokes are both wrong,

the other day I was walking past a building site in Auckland following these 2 gorgeous looking Birds,

and this bloke came plummeting from the sky with his dick in his hand