I've only gone and got sigma working!!!!


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Mar 30, 2005
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Bloody euro docsis!!!!
I've been here and tcniso.
I did exactly the same thing i did 10 times already and this time it bloody well worked.
Not all good news though!!!
I can't get it to take the ten meg config.
I put it in the config window hit change and nothing!!!
Then i dont the 192.tftpip and it would'nt get a decent ip address.
Let it get it's own config and it's back on.
I'm still not sure what i did exactly but i did double check that i had actuall changed the docsis in this window in the picture
It's on the diag page under:
DOCSIS downstream (frequency, modulation,etc.)
Then if you see docsis a...well it actually say euro docsis.
I'm quite happy now.
Although i said to myself if i got it working i was gonna donate to this site,do a fool proof tut and also give the modem to a mate fro xmas.
He's got no subbed and loves them online war games.
Only get an hour a day at the moment.
Still not sure what i did different.
Many thanks to who ever did the euro tut with the telnet commands.
I know i've spoken to them in pm's but i forgot who they were .
if you remeber ,drop me a line and i can thank you personally.
Cheers ..........................
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Well that was short lived.
i should have just left it as it was and let it run for a while??
No couldn't do that! Got to get a ten meg.Tried the config thig,no good.
Tried a hugh mac.No good.
then can't remebr what i was doing.
Might have to flash it again???
I'm gonna try just the bootloader and see if that works.
Or if i can get it to saty on telent do the commands again.
It seemed to like having the mac address entered that way.
The sigma window is hite for changing the mac address as far as i can see.
when you go back to the blackcat and detect the mac, the ethernet mac is the old one???
Not sure this is any good.
The modem will start to detect down stream bt doesn't quite get there??
Think i'll try a light mac again.
thats it!!
I've finally got the high config on this blasted sb5100e.
Followed 666's tut preciesly and it worked no problem.
It's no where near tem meg though.
Gonna download soemthing to have a look but done 2 speed test and both came out just under 3 meg.
Thats what you was supposed to be getting with the last high macs
Yeah they advertise 10 meg and just give evryone a little bit more.
few!!! I'm gonna have to find a new hobby now?????
Anyone got a train set
lol my new hobby is me psp u got it working? :( /me crys noooooo noooooooo mine dotn work :( can u help me get mine going m8
yeah man1
i just followed the excw tut exactly.
used a light mac address.
I entered the mac address through hyper trminal as well as changing to euro docsis.
I might be getting a spare 5100e soon so i can experiment with that.
I think you may not have to clear the device .
it only changes to euro docsis once you hook the coax.Untill then it show docsis.
It's not all plain sailing though.
I just got kicked off and had to reboot the modem?
The mac and the ethernet ma dont match so it might have something to do with that.
I also disabled baseline privacy ???
Not sure if it matters but i see that the ambits skip this??Or is it the sb???
No where near ten meg though.
I'm a bit disapointed
Lol amazing how things go if you read the tuts :).
Are you deff getting the 10 meg config? if you are dont worry you have done all you can, if it's slow it's not your fault............

Well done mate, glad you got it working.

I have rebuilt my blackcat and have flashed every firmware I can find to my modem but I just keep getting the top 3 green light and an organge one at the bottom constantly lit......

I have noticed however that I am getting a LOT of "verification failed, re-writing block blah blah blah". Could this mean my cable is still not properly made up?

Also I made a dump of my origional firmware and bootloader before my cable messed up on me, maybe the bootloader backup I made got corrupted as my cable was playing up and when I have flashed it back that why I keep getting the lights? Has anyone got a sb4200e bootloader image that they know works and can post for me to try?

If that fails then I will just have to start a fresh with all new blackcat parts and do a full rebuild of the cable. Would bloomin pay for a proper one if I didn't have to wait a month for it!

Can anybody help me out here, been at this for what is now going on for a month!!!
cant see it being you blackcat if it detect the chip??
Yeah i had a few verification errors the other day when doing my sb and thats with the tcniso blackcat.
Maybe you should got the serial cable route.
It's just a max233 that you can still use for messing with ambits as well.
I got most of the details formt tcniso.haven't used then yet but i'll be amazed if everyhting works fist time when i get my sb4200e.
You going through exactly the same expearence that i did a few weeks back and i did exactly what i did before and all of a suddone it works.
It's far from perfect though and to be quite honest.The ambits were much better before the update hit them and if the sb5100e would get a high config just with a cloned mac i'd be just as happy with that.
Sigma is over complicated really.
all most of want to do is clone a mac address and get a high config.
Is that to much to ask????
Sometimes the blackcat detects the chip and others it doesn't.....

Also sometimes it reads the firmware file name correct after pressing the 'check' button and sometimes a load of garble comes up....

I'm stumped for ideas and it looks like no-one has a 'working' 4200e bootloader for me to try so looks like I am fooked as mine is most likely corrupt as my cable was iffy when I made it (didn't know at the time!).

Can someone with a working 4200E bootloader please make a dump and post it for me? It's only 32kb and won't take long.

Gonna go to the shop and buy all fresh blackcat parts and get a full re-build done. DOe's anyone know of a shop in or near Bolton that will professionally make it up, and how much it will likely cost, if I take the parts in? That way I can at least rule out the cable being the problem.
Wanyib, your being to hard on yourself mate.
Bloodyhell someone to make you a blackcat/
I think it would be dearer than the real thing.
i got a sb400e coming soon so i'll let you know and you can tell me what to do.
And later on we can both moan about our nackered sb's.
Mayeb if you try the serial method you may have more success?

Not such good news on the sb5100e!!
It was down this morning, and all attempts to get it back failed so far.
I might have messed with it a bit to much,like changing this and that???
I've ripped the internal pages from my subbed ambit and am going to try and set the sigma the same.
Dont really think it will make much difference but it's worth a try.

Maybe reflashing anytime soon.

Just to confirm to all who might not know.
TCNISO are sh*t,it's a sh*t site with no real help for anyone.
If yoy ask a question it will be answered as if this is the only answer you could ever need and thats that.Even if the person answering has the expearience of your specific problem.
When you continue a thread with a request for more info , it just gets egnored and thats that.
I put that excw tut up in there because i wish i had seen it earlyer and i want to see what they say about it??

Your right about the cost of someone making it £20 an hour is cheapest I have been quoted and he reckons it will take him a few hours!!!!

Looks like it's back to the shop for new parts and a full rebuild.
Nah dont do it!!
Just double check everthing.
I gave one of my blackcats to my brother and the other to bennyboy.
I wish i had one just to prove a homemade can work.
Ah just thought.
Have you updated your blackcat sofware to 120 bulid?
It's in the download section and you just copy the file into it somewhere?

This is gettine weird???
My sb5100e went down so back on subbed ambit.
That just went down!!!
It's on usb and had to reboot it???

Maybe they are after me?

It was build 120 when I installed it from the cd.

I have double, triple, tropladopladle checked it. One thing the guy did tell me at the shop was to try and reduce all the wires around the chip as the noise coming from them would be interfearing with the buffer.

He also said he had problem like this when he first started making cables like this up and he tried a high speed version of the chip and that solved it!

Gonna try and get a high speed version of the chip and give that a go, failing that I am going to do a full rebuild with all new parts and if still no luck then I am going to hunt down N*L and................... better not say...lol.
you dont need an E modem bootrom to recover it, and there's tools available to make your own from the firmwares (fireball image packer)
Grab a 233 chip as well, might as well try 1 of them :)
So is the bootloader included in the firmware then?

If so when I flash a new firmware to the modem, am I right in assuming that it will automatically replace the bootloader?

As for the 'max' cable my uncle tried his that he uses for the ambits but we could not get anything from it. Where is the guide for changing the firmware etc with the 'max' cable?

I have the 4 pin header for the max soldered next to the 10 pin for the blackcat is that correct?

Sorry for all the questions peeps....
@wanyib is it the cable from tmc if it is try this

it pin 1---red

pin 2---yellow

pin 3---blue

pin 4----black
the bootloader is a repacked firmware that's loaded into memory, hence why it disappears after a reboot, as i said you can make 1 from your firmware, although it's pointless as you can use any 4200 and ther's plenty of ones allready done for you.

Here's where the 232/3 goes

That exactly where we put the 232 but couldn't get anything out of it......

I made the blackcat from scratch 25pin D sub, etc etc. Tried with an old printer cable the first 2 times I made it and got nothing, then made it from scratch a couple of times and got nothing. Then made it again with pin 23 ground `and it worked...

Tried a few firmwares but couldn't get online then a wire came loose in blackcat whilst flashing and not had the modem working since.... soldered the wire back that came loose and flashed firmware and just got top light.

Tried firmware after firware including the origional but no difference so flashed the backup of the bootloader I made and then just the 3 top green light and the orange light at the bottom.....

Now I am doing a full rebuild of the blackcat, if that doesn't work then...........:Chainsaw:
well sometimes the 232's are tempremental, some have luck some dont, i use 233's, check your hyperterminal settings are correct as well (baud rate etc).
The blackcat cable is more than suitable though and if u allready made like 5 you should be good at them by now :)
Halfway there.....

Right I have rebuilt the blackcat and I have to say I have done a SUPERB job!!! Can't beleive how good it's turned out!!!

The cable works 100% of the time, no errors no nothing! Not a one!!!!

I'll have to post some pics when I get the time.

Only problem I am having now is that I have re-flashed the firmware and the bootloader and I am still getting the same 3 top lights and 1 orange.... Am I missing something here or what?

Gonna try and make a fresh bootloader, I am looking in Fireball FIP 1.6 102 but can't see what I am supposed to do. Can someone point me in the right direction please?