Is this Genuine ???

the price has come down on these now

here is a legit one

i know this cos i got it in an e-mail

due to the recent introduction of cloned and copied starview boxes being sold at lower prices we have re negotiated our deal and can now offer the genuine product back at the lowest prices

you may purchase from wherever and whoever you like and sell at whatever you like
we kept a strict price structure to allow all the middle men to earn money so traders buying in bulk and taking risks can earn and support you but it seem many of you are just after the cheapest you can get and not bothered about any structural pricing we were not being greedy just holding a structure so it is profittable on every level like many large distributors

available from ebay or our online store

also massive reductions for traders please call us for details
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He seems to have sold quite a few judging by his feedback with no complaints of copies? Seems like a good price, i've been thinking about getting one of these for a while for the right price-might go for it now.