I'm back baby!


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Jul 24, 2005
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i've been away for a few days, but now im back.

i had big PC trouble, and had to do a full format & reinstall windows etc. and now the computer is working great. :)

now, back to normality... ;)
i need to do the same with mine,,,,,,,,, :(

Its p`ing me off to the point i`ve not being using the pc much
and i`m still waiting to get my p4 fixed so i can use that to back some stuff on to ..........what a pain
Theres something going about i rekon..... ! but when i`m sorted i will be back if know ones noticed ive gone......... lol

So i know how you feel when its done bro.... :)
Glad you're back and pc is sorted up m8 :) :)

As Kazby says you've not missed much. Should only take you about 24hours to get through all the new posts ;)
thanx for all the replies, i never knew i was so popular :) LOL

23 hours 59 minutes remaining ;)......
welcome back mate ;)

@jasper i noticed youre not on much hope you get it sorted A S A P

ps got mine sorted :)
nice to have you back m8 pleased ya got the pc sorted aswell :Hit:
kabzy mabzy said:
welcome back MA! cant say youve missed much!

im not 100% sure thats a acurate answer m8y ;)

2 days = around 1300 posts.

welcome back ;)

Mickie D
Umm Ma your always diserpearing?? lol
Umm funily enough my systems are playing up again.. laptop is snail pace yet again and my network is down.. cant keep the bloody thing up for 2 minutes.. the 2 pcs are fine.. although we havent been on them much lately :( but im on it now as the laptop keeps rebooting... doesnt give any warnings.. just turns off.. restart again and its fine.. umm.. tried alsorts.. but im starting to give up with the old pc lark.. too many junkies wreckin everything.. i mean leave you pc on and someone ****s it up :(

edit lol pc has been on longer than i thought :( and yet it still runs like a dream.. wish the lappy would be like this lol