Humax PVR Update


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Aug 29, 2001
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We’ve been given an official update on the Humax Freesat PVR. A big thanks to both Humax and Wildfire for this information. Whilst some will see this as nothing more than already knew, its good to atleast have updates and we can fully appreciate that Humax cannot commit to certain promises such as release date.

Humax has assigned one of its top development teams to the Freesat digital television recorder and they have completed the first stages of software integration and finalised the hardware design. Once testing of this stage of development is complete the more advanced features for Freesat will be worked on and tested.

Because of the complex nature of the development of such an advanced recorder product Humax will dedicate an appropriate period to ensuring the good operation and stability of the product before releasing to market. It is currently estimated that the product will be available suitably in advance of the Christmas 2008 season.

The product will be a twin tuner satellite recorder with an appropriately large capacity hard disk, although the exact size has yet to be finalised. The connectivity will be identical to the FOXSAT-HD, but unlike the FOXSAT-HD it will not have an analogue component output.

Atleast now we can be fairly confident of release later this year, and the connectivity will match the FOXSAT-HD.

Humax have said they do not wish to discuss prices, even after launch, as these are determined by the retailer/freesat and to be seen to be given a price indication would give the impression of dictating the market.
Taken from joinfreesat