[How-to] Listen to Spotify on your Dreambox


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Aug 9, 2001
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[How-to] Listen to Spotify on your Dreambox
First up let me state there isn't a native Spotify client available for the Dreambox (AFAIK), but it is possible to listen to a Spotify Music stream from a Windows PC on your DM. I wanted to achieve this because I love Spotify's model (so much so, I bought a subscription) but my Netbook has a crappy speaker that isn't good for listening to Music. This technique works for the DM and should work for any other player than can stream MP3 via HTTP.

You will need:
A Windows PC with Spotify client installed.
DSBridge (dsbridge - Project Hosting on Google Code)
A Dreambox
A text editor on your PC (Notepad++ is excellent) and an FTP Client (WinSCP works well).
A text editor on the Dreambox (I recommend 'nano' for its simplicity).

1) If you've not already done so, sign up to Spotify (www.spotify.com), download and install the client.
2) Download the latest DSBridge module to your Computer, and unzip the files into your Spotify Directory, e.g. c:\Program Files\Spotify\
3) Start the Spotify app, and you should see a small blue icon appear on your Toolbar. If you hover your mouse over the icon, it should show you the default port it is running on (8124 is the default I think).
4) Next either:-
a) Create a new text file on your computer. Within the text file, enter the lines
Changing the to match the IP address of your computer and 8124 to the port that DSBridge is running upon.
Save the file as an M3U playlist file, e.g. Spotty.m3u
Then, FTP this file to a memorable location on your dreambox, e.g. /mnt/hdd/
b) Telnet to your Dreambox and login.
Create a new file using your favorite editor, e.g. nano /mnt/hdd/Spotty.m3u
Add the following lines to the text file:
Changing the to match the IP address of your computer and 8124 to the port that DSBridge is running upon.
Then save the file.
5) Start a song playing in Spotify - your computer will continue to play the audio through your speakers.
6) Change to 'File' Mode within the Dreambox menu.
7) Browse to the location where you saved the m3u file and press OK.
8) After a few seconds the sound on your computer should mute, and the audio will start playing on the Dreambox. The blue DSBridge icon on your toolbar should also turn green. Although it doesn't work brilliantly, the DM should also show what track is playing in the EPG bar.
9) Profit.

Once you stop listening on the dreambox, Spotify will return to playing via your speakers. Note, you can only currently stream to one place using DSBridge.

Tested using:
Windows 7 Ultimate
DSBridge 20090727
Dreambox DM600
Jade Open-Pli 2010-02-05

credit to digital diablo
on an other site