How to get SKY HD Channels for free with a pc? Freesat channels too?

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Sep 30, 2007
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Hi, im thinking of buying a Motorised dish, im wanting to connect it to PC, is it possible to get Sky Sports HD 1-3, Channel4HD etc for free using certain software? I'm also wanting the free channels on freesat like ITVHD when that launches shortly in h222 format (not h264).

Currently i have a dreambox 600c and get all cable channels for free, would prefer not to have to use it as that box is downstairs and i live with parents so they would complain about cables and i'd like to be able to record 1 show from cable on my dreambox and 1 show on my pc via satellite.

Dont have a clue about cams and cardsharing and readers and stuff.

Also i'd really like to be able to receive HD sports channels from europe.

Hope someone could reply with the info i'm after and recommend a motorised dish/mounting kit.

Thankyou very much for your time guys.
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