How do you stream from pc to tm?


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Feb 11, 2010
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I followed these instructions and it work first time for me.

Install VLC 0.8.6i

then create shortcut > right click on shortcut > properties > then add this to target line "--intf wxwin --extraintf=http"

e.g mine is now
"G:\pvr\VLC.old\VLC\vlc.exe --intf wxwin --extraintf=http"

start vlc from that shortcut and go..
Settings > Preferences > Input/Codecs > UDP port "change to 8080 and save"

Now Load TM webui > Zap > Stream > Settings > Server Settings > Edit
and change

Server IP Address : to the i.p you are running VLC on. e.g ""
Movie Directory: to the drive letter you want the TM to be able to load files from.

Finally with VLC running, Press yellow button on TM and select "VLP (Movieplayer 1.5)

then just find file you want to play and select it. will take a while to start/buffer...

i found the quality to be quite low when streaming xvid's so i went back into
TM webui > Zap > Stream > Settings > Video Settings
and clicked on the little pen n paper icon on the avi line and edited
Video Rate: 2200
if you go much higher then that the video will start glitching.

Worth a try