How do i get PPV??


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Oct 8, 2005
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North London - Hornsey
Hi All.....

Could someone please tell me how i can get PPV ie: Prem Plus & So On....

I have good Cable.xml & Service files at the moment and i dont what to lose them.

Can i just add to the files? And if so,Do you have the Transponder Freq's.

Sorry im using a Sportters 1.75 Ultra image and im in North london....If this helps.

Thanks for your help.



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Nov 28, 2004
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I haven't got a dbox but i did read about somebody having problems adding channels to their list. Until they flashed with a clean image, then they could add what channels they wanted.

Also heard about some ppv problems in scotland.

but i'd wait for an answer from someone who knows what they're talking about :)


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Mar 11, 2005
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post your copy of the services.xml and ill have a look


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Oct 8, 2005
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North London - Hornsey
Hi Gav...
Please see below my Service xml...

Many Thanks Retro

- <zapit>
- <cable name="CableUK Sym6887">
- <transponder id="0014" onid="f020" frequency="459000000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0431" name="Capital FM" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0432" name="Capital Gold" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0433" name="Century Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0434" name="Capital Disney" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0435" name="Choice FM" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0436" name="XFM" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0448" name="EuroNews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046d" name="UKTV Bright Ideas" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0493" name="THE HITS" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0494" name="The Community Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0495" name="Nick Replay" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c4" name="Boomerang" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0018" onid="f020" frequency="394750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="03f4" name="SETA Info" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f5" name="SETA Info" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f7" name="LIVINGtv+1 move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="044e" name="Racing UK" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0451" name="price-drop tv move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0470" name="UK Style Move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0471" name="UK Style+1 Move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0474" name="TVWarehouse drop" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b8" name="E4+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ed" name="Fashion TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0896" name="Euronews Move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0897" name="MTVUK Freeview info" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1a2c" name="Teleport Previews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1a2d" name="Filmflex Previews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1a2e" name="Teleport TV Previews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1a2f" name="Teleport Adult Freeview" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="22b8" name="PVR_EPG" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="2709" name="Test_Channel_1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270a" name="Test_Channel_2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270b" name="Test_Channel_3" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270d" name="Test Stream 2" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="000e" onid="f020" frequency="594750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0627" name="Channel Line Up" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD37" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0007" onid="f020" frequency="466750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0488" name="Sky Sports News" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="048b" name="Sky Sports 3" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="048d" name="Jetix" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0499" name="Playhouse Disney" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b3" name="Sky One" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b4" name="Sky Movies 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c0" name="MUTV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ca" name="Kiss" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0503" name="Cartoon Network +1hr" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0528" name="Adult Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="052a" name="National Geographic" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="000f" onid="f020" frequency="602750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0621" name="Pricing Zone" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0622" name="Trouble Shooting Zone" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD46" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0017" onid="f020" frequency="410750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0416" name="Zee TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="043d" name="Sci-Fi Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0449" name="Paramount Comedy 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="044a" name="Adventure One" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0491" name="Best Direct" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d8" name="Free Sky Movies" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e0" name="History Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270c" name="Test Stream 1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Setanta" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="044e" onid="f020" frequency="346750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="11bc" name="ITV3" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11bd" name="ITV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11be" name="ITV2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11bf" name="Channel 4" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11c0" name="FilmFour" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11c2" name="Five" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11c3" name="Capital Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11c5" name="102.2 smoothfm" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11c8" name="Virgin" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11c9" name="BBC London 94.9" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11ca" name="Kool AM" service_type="02" />
- <transponder id="0008" onid="f020" frequency="610750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="03fc" name="price-drop tv" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0442" name="Travel Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="044d" name="B4U Music" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="044f" name="teachers' tv" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046b" name="Toonami" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04bc" name="B4U Movies" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04bd" name="Travel Deals Direct" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c1" name="bid tv" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04f3" name="NASN now on Ch 533" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0505" name="Turner Classic Movies" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0506" name="Cartoon Network" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="052e" name="Adult Freeviews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD50" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="000a" onid="f020" frequency="546750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0437" name="Radio Info" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0628" name="TV On Demand Zone" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD1" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0019" onid="f020" frequency="154750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="044c" name="ARY Digital" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="049c" name="Celtic TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="049d" name="SetantaSports2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="054e" name="BTVService10" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055a" name="BTVService20" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055b" name="BTVService21" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="17d4" name="BTVtest" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270e" name="Test Stream 3" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="270f" name="Test Channel" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0010" onid="f020" frequency="418750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="043c" name="Nick Junior" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c3" name="PremPlus" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c5" name="British Eurosport 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c6" name="Star Plus" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c7" name="Star News" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Premiership Extra NVOD" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0003" onid="f020" frequency="354750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0439" name="MTV2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="043a" name="MTV UK" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="043b" name="VH1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="043e" name="MTV Hits" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="043f" name="MTV Base" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0440" name="VH1 Classic" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0441" name="Paramount Comedy" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0443" name="The Music Factory" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="044b" name="VH2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d3" name="MTV Dance" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0004" onid="f020" frequency="618750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0418" name="Classic FM" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="041a" name="Virgin Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="041b" name="Sunrise Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="041c" name="Utd Christian Bcstng" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="041e" name="World Radio Network" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0429" name="Galaxy" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="042a" name="Core" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="042b" name="Planet Rock" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="042c" name="The Storm" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0430" name="TalkSPORT" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0461" name="UKTV Drama" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0462" name="UKTV Gold" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0463" name="UKTV Documentary" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0465" name="UKTV Style" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0466" name="UKTV G2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0467" name="QVC" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0468" name="TV Warehouse" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046a" name="UKTV History" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0473" name="UKTV Style Gardens" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c8" name="UKTV Food" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d5" name="Heart 106.2" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="04d6" name="102.2 smoothfm" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="04da" name="100.4 smoothfm" service_type="02" />
- <transponder id="044d" onid="f020" frequency="490750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="1195" name="BBC ONE" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1196" name="BBC TWO" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1197" name="BBC THREE" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1198" name="BBC News 24" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1199" name="BBC FOUR" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="119c" name="CBBC Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="119d" name="CBeebies" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0005" onid="f020" frequency="426750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0487" name="Sky Sports Xtra" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0489" name="Sky Sports 1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="048c" name="British Eurosport" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0497" name="Disney Channel +1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0498" name="Toon Disney" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b2" name="Plus" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c2" name="Private Girls" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04c9" name="The Box" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04cb" name="Q" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0502" name="Sky News" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0507" name="Nicktoons" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0643" name="Disney Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Adult NVOD" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="044f" onid="f020" frequency="626750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="11c6" name="Kiss FM" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11c7" name="Magic Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="11ea" name="E4" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="11eb" name="ABC1" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0001" onid="f020" frequency="106750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="03e9" name="Discovery Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03ea" name="Discovery Chan + 1 hr" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03eb" name="Disc Realtime" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03ec" name="Animal Planet" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03ed" name="Disc Civilisation" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03ee" name="Discovery Science" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03ef" name="Disc Travel & Living" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f0" name="Sony Ent TV Asia" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f1" name="Discovery Wings" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f2" name="Discovery Kids" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f3" name="Discovery Home & Health" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04dc" name="Performance Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0504" name="CNN International" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0012" onid="f020" frequency="434750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0445" name="Trouble Reload" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0469" name="UKTV Gold +1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046c" name="Ftn" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046e" name="UKTV Food+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="046f" name="UKTV History+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0472" name="UKTV People" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="048f" name="UKTV Documentary+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0490" name="UKTV Style+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0492" name="Simply Shopping" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d1" name="UKTV G2+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0529" name="Playboy TV" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="0016" onid="f020" frequency="306750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0444" name="God Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0447" name="NASN - American Sports" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="049a" name="SetantaSports1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="049b" name="Rangers TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d7" name="Free Sky Movies." service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04eb" name="Reality TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ec" name="Deutsche Welle" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ef" name="Extreme Sports" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04f0" name="LivingTVmove" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04f1" name="LivingTV+1 Move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="13e0" name="Deutsche Welle" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="1a0a" name="Test2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Red Hot Amateur" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="000b" onid="f020" frequency="570750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0438" name="Radio Info." service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD10" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0006" onid="f020" frequency="442750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="048a" name="Sky Sports 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b1" name="Nickelodeon" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b5" name="Sky Movies 1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b6" name="CNBC" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b7" name="ITV News Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d9" name="Bloomberg" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04db" name="Television X" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04df" name="Men & Motors" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e1" name="The Hallmark Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0501" name="Sky Cinema 1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0648" name="Carlton Cinema" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Private Girls NVOD" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0015" onid="f020" frequency="314750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="041d" name="RTE Radio" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="04e2" name="Sky Movies 3" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e3" name="Sky Movies 5" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e4" name="Sky Movies 7" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e5" name="Sky Movies Premier W/S" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e6" name="Sky Movies 4" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e7" name="Sky Movies 6" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e8" name="Sky Movies 9" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04e9" name="Sky Movies 8" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ea" name="Sky Cinema 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ee" name="Leonardo" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Live Event" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="000c" onid="f020" frequency="578750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD19" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0009" onid="f020" frequency="514750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="048e" name="Jetix+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04cf" name="TV5" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="052b" name="Front Row Previews" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="052c" name="EPG Preview 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="052d" name="Front Row Interactive" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0626" name="Information Zone" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1a36" name="Live Events Channel" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="7e04" name="FLASH SERVICE 1" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e05" name="FLASH SERVICE 2" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e06" name="FLASH SERVICE 3" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e07" name="FLASH SERVICE 4" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e08" name="FLASH SERVICE 5" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e09" name="FLASH SERVICE 6" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0a" name="FLASH SERVICE 7" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0b" name="FLASH SERVICE 8" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0c" name="FLASH SERVICE 9" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0d" name="FLASH SERVICE 10" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0e" name="FLASH SERVICE 11" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e0f" name="FLASH SERVICE 12" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e10" name="FLASH SERVICE 13" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e11" name="FLASH SERVICE 14" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e12" name="FLASH SERVICE 15" service_type="c0" />
<channel service_id="7e13" name="FLASH 16 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e14" name="FLASH 17 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e15" name="FLASH 18 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e16" name="FLASH 19 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e17" name="FLASH 20 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e18" name="FLASH 21 SA" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e19" name="FLASH 22" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e1a" name="PVR Code Download" service_type="c3" />
<channel service_id="7e1b" name="FLASH SERVICE" service_type="c3" />
- <transponder id="0011" onid="f020" frequency="386750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="03f6" name="LIVINGtv move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03f8" name="LIVINGtv 2 move" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="03fd" name="More 4" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0496" name="attheraces" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04cc" name="Smash Hits" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04cd" name="Kerrang" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04ce" name="Magic" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="fff7" name="Playboy NVOD" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0002" onid="f020" frequency="322750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0411" name="Bravo" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0412" name="Challenge" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0413" name="LIVINGtv" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0414" name="TV Travel Shop" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0415" name="Trouble" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0417" name="BBC Parliament" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="041f" name="BBC Radio 1" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0420" name="BBC Radio 2" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0421" name="BBC Radio 3" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0422" name="BBC Radio 4" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0423" name="BBC Radio Five Live" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0424" name="BBC World Service" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0425" name="BBC 6 Music" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0426" name="BBC Five Live SportsX" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0427" name="1Xtra BBC" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0428" name="BBC 7" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="042e" name="BBC Radio 4 LW" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="042f" name="BBC Asian Network" service_type="02" />
<channel service_id="0446" name="Bravo +1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0450" name="Quiz TV" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04b9" name="LIVINGtv 2" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="04d4" name="LIVINGtv+1" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="1521" name="speed auction tv" service_type="01" />
- <transponder id="000d" onid="f020" frequency="586750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="fff7" name="NVOD28" service_type="04" />
- <transponder id="0013" onid="f020" frequency="522750000" inversion="2" symbol_rate="6952000" fec_inner="3" modulation="3">
<channel service_id="0544" name="BTVService00" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0545" name="BTVService01" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0546" name="BTVService02" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0547" name="BTVService03" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0548" name="BTVService04" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="0549" name="BTVService05" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="054a" name="BTVService06" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="054b" name="BTVService07" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="054c" name="BTVService08" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="054d" name="BTVService09" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055c" name="BTVService22" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055d" name="BTVService23" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055e" name="BTVService24" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="055f" name="BTVService25" service_type="01" />
<channel service_id="062b" name="IZONEMOSAIC" service_type="01" />


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Mar 11, 2005
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retro its all there m8

<channel service_id="fff7" name="Premiership Extra NVOD" service_type="04" />

<channel service_id="fff7" name="Live Event" service_type="04" />

premplus and live events

just sort out you boquets they are in there somewhere

dont forget you get nothing on the live events until something is on just blank
and the premplus or premiership extra is only on when there is a game on


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Oct 8, 2005
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North London - Hornsey
Ok Mate...

Thanks for your help on this matter.Just one last thing....
I have the radio channels listed,but again not getting them. Is this the same thing with the boquet.