Help with hitachi 79 drive and flashing the dvd key


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Dec 18, 2010
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Nelson, Lancs
Hi all.

I bought a job lot of faulty 360's, now 1 of them, has written on the bottom of the metal chassis, the make of dvd drive it should have and the model, along with f/w and the dvd key.

So i bought a hitachi gdr-3120l with rom version 0079l, which is exactly what is wrote on the 360.

Now my problem is, how do i change the dvd key on the drive when alls i have is the original dvd key wrote on the 360 and not in a .bin file.

I am totally new to 360's, ive read lots of different stuff on how to flash these drives, spoof etc, alls i want to do, is change the dvd key, i dont want to play copied games or any of that, i just basically want to marry the dvd drive to the motherboard so that it can play genuine 360 games.

Ive also read about an audio cd to put the drive into mode b as the 78-79 are different to the rest of the hitachi's. Ive not got a clue where to download this.

Iam not very good with software side of things, but i am willing to learn. I have fixed alot of iphones with error codes in the past, but please help me in plain english that is very easy to understand lol.

I have downloaded jungleflasher, but not sure on how to use it yet, as the tuts go on about extracting the dvd key from the old drive, to put on the new drive, but i only have the dvd key wrote down.

The dvd drive does play dvds and recognizes the 360 games as a dvd and not as a game.

I will be using my laptop for this. My laptop has a e-sata slot, so i have bought a sata to e-sata cable and will be powering the dvd drive from the 360.

Ive searched high and low allover the internet for a tut on how to do this, but the majority of tuts goes on about extracting the dvd key from the old drive. The other tuts is on how to change the drives boards. I dont have the original drive that is married to that motherboard.

I would be very greatfull if you could help me, and if you wanted to pick my brains about iphones or ds lites in return, let me know, lol.

Thank you in advance.
Should be as follows, wait for Dave24, Dilly1006, Oggy to confirm.

Firmware tool 32 tab
OPen target firmware firmware
Navigate to the stock firmware folder and select your firmware
manual spoofing
Enter the DVD key into the drive key option
save to file for future

flash as normal.
in the jungle flasher you downloaded there should be a folder named documentation in there is the tut on how to use but abu's about right tho ( a little bit more to it )
read the tut and dont jump in to it, make sure you know what is next if unsure then stop read and make sure if still stuck reply here someone will help
I have read the tut in jungleflasher and just watched this How to flash an Xbox 360 Hitatchi 79 drive (LT+ 2.0) - YouTube

The thing is, i have the dvd key wrote down, and i just want to marry the dvd drive to the motherboard.

The youtube vid is good up until you flash it, where as you can then play copied games, i DONT want to do this, as i dont want the xbox to be banned from xbox live (i just hope it isnt already blocked).

So basically, from the start of the youtube video up until 12:30 i understand and have no problems with, but its just the point of getting this dvd key that is wrote down and replace the the dvd key that is already on that dvd drive.

As a guess, but not going to try it incase i mess something up, i need to dump drive, then restore firmware, but once i hit restore firmware, will it give me the option to change the dvd key before flashing the firmware back to the drive?
what I would do is just do as said before flash it with lt and changed key then after that restore to original firmware
Iam having some real bad problems here.

Ive read the jf tuts. The how to sign shite, done it all correct, but cant get this bloody jf to recognize the drive as i cant get this laptop to sign the things needed.

I think the pictures will explain this properly.


Ive done the recommended way, and done exactly what it says, no cutting corners.

But yet i still get this, after ive done everything thats listed in the above photo.

Iam running windows 7, everything is set as and run in administrator.

My laptop detects the drive with no problems at all.

The drive is plugged into my laptops e-sata.

Ive also read a tut that goes on about removing the sata drivers, or something, i did what it said, and couldnt find the drivers it were on about.

Ive read the Common problems and Frequently Asked Questions part in the jf tut, but still hasnt fixed my issue.
To sort that problem you boot pc pressing f8 and there will be an option about unsigned run as that
Can't remember what it actually says but it's there
page 269 of the Jungle Flasher Tut that's included in download will answer your problem about digital driver signing. :)
was the firmware that you upgraded to post 11743 or pre 11743 and maybe you got the wrong firmware dumps