Hallmark on track for second channel launch


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Jul 5, 2001
Hallmark is progressing with plans to launch a spinoff channel.

The new station, which has the working title 'Hallmark 2', is now in an "advanced" stage of development. "I would hope that a second Hallmark channel would be up and running by the latest in April, maybe before," channel chairman David Elstein said. "It depends on launch slots on the Sky platform. There's a lot of poeple waiting to launch and Sky have their queue so you join the queue and wait your turn."

He added that the new station would not be a Sky Two-style "replay" channel and would instead be "complementary" to Hallmark 1. "There will be a very small overlap of content - for the most part it will be content that is only on the second channel."

Meanwhile, Elstein ruled out the possibility of launching either station on Freeview but said that he would join pay TV add-on Top-Up TV without question, if capacity allowed.