Groin Strain


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May 19, 2010
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Groin Strain

A groin strain is a stretch, tear or complete rupture to the soft tissues (adductor muscles or inguinal ligament) attaching to the pubis on the inner aspect of the thigh.

Chronic tension can develop from over-use and often goes unnoticed until an acute strain (a sudden powerful contraction of the adductors) occurs somewhere in the adductor group. The muscles tend to spend most of the time in a shortened position, tension develops and injury can lead to a chronic situation.

The adductors are also prone to injury due to overstretching e.g. a fall while skiing, legs abducted.

Sports Most Associated With

Football, hockey, skiing

Signs and Symptoms

Sudden stabbing pain in the groin
Inability to draw the leg inward
Pain on adducting or abducting the leg
Gait may be affected (limping)
Bruising and inflammation may be evident 24 - 48 hrs post injury
If the injury is severe it may be possible to feel a deformity (gap near the attachment to the pubis)


RICE 48 - 72 hrs (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
Avoid aggravating factors
Ice massage works well in this area (if condition is chronic heat to be used pre-treatment)
After 72 hrs: treatment for adductors, light treatment if the client is in discomfort
Also treat quads, hamstrings, TFL, ITB
MET adductors
Ice post treatment if acute

Ice to be used at home if acute, use heat if condition is chronic
Home stretches: adductors, quads