GigaBlue IPBOX: Populating EPG data from 28.2 East


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Jan 27, 2007
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I was recently asked about how to get the GigaBlue IPBOX to populate EPG data when being used with 28.2 East. It’s something I’d actually been playing with recently anyway and have it working nicely so I thought I would share the information for anyone who is interested. You basically have to think of the GigaBlue IPBOX as a ‘dumb terminal’ when it comes to DVB services including EPG data. It doesn’t have it’s own tuner and it takes the bouquets list from another source (the receiver that’s acting as a server) so it has to do just the same with EPG data.

Below assumes you are using ViX4E2PROJECT firmware on both 'master' (Alien 2+ in my case but could be most any Enigma2 receiver) and 'slave' (GigaBlue IPBOX). This was tested with ViX4E2PROJECT 2.0 008-blue+ running on both 'master' and 'slave' receivers. It would most likely work more or less the same with other groups firmware I would expect but menu items and exactly how you go about it will likely be a little different.

Basically what I did to get this to work:
1) First make sure EPG download is setup and working on the 'master' receiver – Using CrossEPG with OpenTV for 28.2 East saved to USB stick auto mounted as /media/usb
2) Setup a network mount on the GigaBlue IPBOX using the Network > Mounts Setup > Network browser option to mount to /media/usb on the 'master' receiver – It will by default call this mount AMIKOALIEN (names taken from the 'master' network name, so it will be the name as per your own 'master' receiver - select no to options of entering a username/password – not required unless you have ever set these - in which case you will know what these are!)
3) Give the GigaBlue IPBOX a full reboot to make sure the network mount is available as a destination
4) Setup CrossEPG on the GigaBlue IPBOX so AMIKOALIEN (or whatever you mount name was called) is the storage device and that Force epg reload on boot and Show ‘Force reload’ as plugin are both set to yes
5) Go to Plugin Browser on the GigaBlue IPBOX and choose CrossEPG Force Reload and sit back and wait – When this completes exit everything and you will find the EPG is now populated on the GigaBlue IPBOX
6) If you ever want to reload the EPG data on the GigaBlue IPBOX you can either reboot the device (it’s set to reload on boot) or use the CrossEPG Plugin (in the plugin menu) to force a reload

There are I am sure thinking about it various other ways to go about the above which should/would probably work equally as well to get you the same results, but this is the only way I have tried and tested at the moment and confirmed it works. I have only tried this with 28.2 East but it should work exactly the same for any other setup providing the 'master' receiver contains EPG data in the first place.

Hope this is of use to some. :)