(FS) Technomate 1500CI+

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Apr 2, 2006
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Hey guys you know what they are, I dont. lol thats why im selling. Its patched (whatever that means.) You get the box, remote, batteries, instruction manuals, power lead and it comes boxed. I paid 75quid for it and never used it so im after £75 (they going for much more on fleebay), + whatever postage is (be about a fiver i guess), if you are near you can collect or i can drop, im in camden in london.

@admin, if im not allowed to sell this here please delete and accept my apologies :)
a patch is a modified firmware file that alters the way the box reads from built in (or not) card slots and is also able to emulate official CAMs to take viewing cards (or lack of ;)) to view subscription packages available form certian providors

the technomate is one of the most user friendly satellite recievers available, its very well supported in terms of hacks and support and is well worth the money. many members here, including myself, own one or more and they make an excellent introduction into satellite TV
if that dont sell it m8 ill spank dutcho with jimmyP as compo lol
Lol cheers digi mate!! might be worth it just for the spank! lol : whip :
ill close it m8, you do know dutchos gutted hes not gonna be spanked now dont you lol
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