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Frosty beer mugs Buy 6 get 6 FREE


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Aug 29, 2001
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Price £19.99

Warm lager, it’s just not on is it? You can try freezing the pint glasses, but within seconds, they just turn wet and slippy, causing possible pint disorder - what terrible affliction that is. And I’ll tell you what mate, there’s no way I’m putting ice cubes in my beer. So, to keep your beverage ice cold, you need the frosty mug. It’s a durable acrylic tankard that’s filled with a clear non-toxic gel. Pop it in the freezer, the gel freezes solid, your beer stays cold, and when it defrosts, there’s no watery produce left to deal with. And because we're so nice, we're giving you six free frosty beer mugs when you buy six. Hurrah.